10 Wrestlers that had a Mistress

WWE Creative works long and hard to try and come up with controversial storylines that will capture the WWE Universe’s attention, but the writing team could very easily pick up cues from the roster, since most of the real controversy takes place backstage anyway. It is pretty often to find Superstars ending up in the headlines for all the wrong reasons because they committed adultery and damaged a long-term relationship. It is difficult to understand why acts like this are relatively commonplace in the world of professional wrestling, but it probably has a lot to do with the fact that these wrestlers spend large chunks of time away from home, in close quarters with one another. Wrestling is probably one of the hardest jobs in the world today, as WWE Superstars find themselves on the road for up to 300 days a year. When you spend that much of your time away from your family, it isn’t all that shocking to feel lonely and seek companionship wherever you can find it. Superstars that have managed to sustain a professional wrestling career with the same person by their side are increasingly uncommon, as there have been so many stories of infidelity that have cropped up over the last few years. Let’s check out the 10 wrestlers that could not resist temptation on the road and had a mistress.

1. John Cena

The poster boy of the WWE for over a decade had a reputation as quite a playboy backstage before he eventually ended up with Nikki Bella for an extended period of time. Strong rumors have circulated for years that John Cena cheated on his wife with Mickie James and Victoria, but it is entirely possible that he was cheating on all three of those women with Maria Kanellis. This is of course, debatable, but the duo did become ‘official’ after Cena’s divorce was finalized and his relationship with James also came to an end. Cena has always had a reputation with the ladies, so a claim such as this is not in the realm of the impossible. The two have obviously parted ways since then, with Kanellis becoming a hit on the independent scene before eventually finding her way back to WWE alongside husband, Mike Bennett and Cena taking on a part-timer’s schedule to focus on his career in Hollywood after passing on the torch to Roman Reigns. Cena’s flirtatious tendencies were curbed for the better part of five years after getting together with Bella, but now that relationship has fallen by the wayside, there’s nothing stopping Cena from returning to the yesteryear Playboy status he once had.

2. Lita

Lita and Edge go hand-in-hand, as they were one of the hottest acts the company has ever seen. But they started out under problematic circumstances, as it is widely known that Lita cheated on Matt Hardy with Edge, who was one of Hardy’s closest friends. Not only this, but Edge was also married to his now second ex-wife, Lisa Ortiz at the time. Lita’s relationship with Edge became public knowledge in February of 2005, and as Edge quietly went through with his divorce in the background, the two took centerstage on WWE programming. WWE capitalized on the real-life heat between Edge and Hardy and had the two feud, as real-life spilled over into the scripted world of professional wrestling to great effect. Lita’s association with Edge did wonders for him, as having an on-air sex show on Raw in 2008, truly earned him the nickname of the Rated-R Superstar. That takes nothing away from Lita’s historic achievements with the company as well, as everyone remembers her fantastic feud with Trish Stratus that main-evented Raw, way before the Women’s Revolution was a thing, in a very favorable light. But despite all her achievements, unfortunately, no one is going to forget the issues her relationship with Edge created in a hurry.

3. Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle cheating on his wife was messy enough to begin with, but it turned into a train-wreck by the time everything was done and dusted. The Olympic gold-medalist is believed have had an affair with Dawn Marie was the entirety of 2003-2004, all while Angle was still married to his then wife, Karen and Marie was engaged to former ECW and TNA star Pat Kennedy. Marie actually even owned up to having the affair in a video shoot and went on to state that she had been with at least one other married man during the course of her career. Angle also revealed that he had cheated on his wife, but he never divulged any specific details. Rumors of their affair grow exponentially stronger when Marie gave birth in 2005, and it was widely speculated that Angle was the father, though that has been disproven. Angle got a taste of his own medicine, when his wife Karen had an affair with Jeff Jarrett and left Angle for Jarrett in 2008. What a mess.

4. Hulk Hogan

So, this is an interesting entry to this list, because The Hulkster was widely believed to be involved with Randy Savage’s wife, Miss Elizabeth, which was untrue, but that did not stop Hogan from being unfaithful to his then-wife Linda, on numerous occasions. Back in the late 80s, Hogan and Miss Elizabeth were put together in storylines that gave the duo more screen time together, with things going as far as Hogan carrying a passed-out Elizabeth backstage to protect her. Savage wasn’t so keen on the storyline and was notorious for his fits of jealousy, going as far as locking Elizabeth in her dressing room if he wasn’t around backstage. This obviously caused a rift between the two, before briefly making up prior to officially parting ways in 1992. This is one of those situations, where someone was wrongly accused of cheating on someone, as Hogan had been publicly busted for cheating on Linda, but he never cheated on her with Miss Elizabeth. Hogan was arguably the first bona-fide professional wrestling Superstar, so he probably had rabid fans and colleagues throwing themselves at him, but that does nothing to excuse his behavior. The Hulkster has recently spent some time out in the cold for making racist comments, but found his way back to the company, making an appearance and cutting a promo at WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia.

5. Sable

For the purposes of this list, the term ‘mistress’ can swing both ways. Sable was one of the most popular Superstars in the company during the late 90s, but she was not only alleged to have had an affair with a married man, it was widely believed that she did so while she was married herself. She broke into WWE while married to fellow wrestler Marc Mero and found her stock in the company rise exponentially after she posed for Playboy and her marriage to Mero began to crumble. She stayed with Mero until she met Brock Lesnar in 2003, but it was widely proposed that Sable was also seeing Vince McMahon before she abruptly left and sued the company in 1999. Her affair with Vince is believed to be the real reason that Sable left the company, and not the one that she gave; they wanted her to take her top off. She didn’t endear herself to anyone backstage and was believed to be immensely unpopular and unlikable, with X-Pac going as far as defecating in a cup and leaving it in her bag before her first departure. Rumors of her affair with Vince McMahon were further fueled by the fact that when she made her comeback to the company a few years later, she played the role of Vince’s mistress. Coincidence?

6. Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio has had to runs with WWE, both of which have ended acrimoniously for both parties. But at least for his second tenure with the company, Del Rio was happy in a relationship with current Smackdown Live General Manager, Paige. But their relationship was mired in controversy because their road to finding love was pretty bumpy, to say the least. Paige first met Del Rio when he was still married to Angela Velkei. The two obviously hit it off, and depending on who you ask about it, the married couple reportedly got divorced because of Del Rio’s involvement with Paige. During their divorce, Velkei cited adultery as the reason for filing and with Del Rio and Paige going public just one month later, things certainly looked fishy. According to Del Rio, their marriage was over a year before he met Paige, so there is no denying that he was definitely seeing Paige while still married to Velkei. We will probably get some insight into the nature of their relationship when the movie based on Paige’s life will hit theatres.

7. Christy Hemme

Christy Hemme’s career was heading in an upward trajectory after she won the Divas Search. She was immediately put into high-profile feuds alongside popular Superstars such as Trish Stratus and Victoria, but everything came to an abrupt end when she was moved to Ohio Valley Wrestling in order to train, before being let go from the company altogether. It was surprising to say the least, but after being there for almost a year, things began to become clear. There were rumors flying that Hemme had gotten very chummy with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon had found out, and in order to teach her a lesson and keep her away from her husband and teach Hemme a lesson, McMahon sent her down to developmental before getting rid of her altogether. But that isn’t where the story ends though. Rumors also circulated stating that Hemme was involved with Vince McMahon himself, who has admitted to straying in the past, so it isn’t entirely impossible.

8. Batista

Batista is a self-proclaimed womanizer and has stated that sex is his drug of choice while on the road. Even if Melina claims they were nothing more than friends, Batista has said they were having an affair, and even suggested that Melina was the reason for his divorce. Worse still, it is possible that the affair happened when Batista’s wife was battling cancer. Thankfully, the pairing didn’t last very long and Melina returned to her former flame, John Morrison, but neither of their careers every bounced back, post-Batista.

9. Shawn Michaels

Another one of Sunny’s conquests, when Michaels hooked up with Sunny, he was married to his second wife, Theresa Wood and Sunny was with Chris Candido. The two didn’t even try to keep their relationship a secret and even went vacationing together. According to Sunny, they even went as far as using Vince McMahon’s office for some much needed ‘privacy’, while on the road.

10. The British Bulldog

Davey Boy Jones, known as The British Bulldog was married to Bret Hart’s sister, Diana, when he reportedly had an extramarital encounter with Sunny. Sunny claims the two had multiple encounters of this sort, and if Diana did not know about the affair beforehand, she sure did once Sunny went public with her claims.

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