10 WWE Couples That Keep Their Relationship Lowkey

In WWE, there is very little about any performer that is private. Every star’s life and actions are put up out there for the entire world to see. They follow through with storylines and plots and depending on their popularity, they are much like the stars of any television show, only with a larger than normal fanbase.

Much like any show, there are several couples displayed on the screens of the WWE television audience. With high-profile relationships among stars like Stephanie McMahon and Triple H always in the limelight, fans often forget that there are stars whose relationships are not as talked about. For every John Cena and Nikki Bella, there are people who are the complete opposite.

These stars prefer to keep their private lives private, something which is truly a luxury in this day and age of social media.

Lets talk about those couples who stay away from the limelight so that they can continue their romantic relationship outside the public eye. Here are the top ten couples who keep their relationship low key!

10. The Undertaker and Michelle McCool:

The Undertaker has never been a star who is too open about his personal life. For years on end since 1990 when he first came to WWE, he has made his presence felt in the company by putting on immense performances and maintaining his mystical aura.

In the modern day and age, it is difficult to think of a star who can perform at the level that ‘Taker does, all the while maintaining his gimmick believable of an Undead Zombie King. Even to this day, when he enters the stadium, the audience falls silent in respect and awe. His entrance music still makes goosebumps appear on the hands of anyone who is present.

Michelle McCool was one of the top women in the company during the ‘Diva’ era. She won the Divas Champion twice, and the Women’s Championship twice as well. Together with Layla as Laycool, she was one of the most hated heels in her time.

The two of them married in 2010, and together the couple had a daughter named Kaia in 2012.

While McCool is active on Instagram, the two of them hardly ever post a picture together.

9. CM Punk and AJ Lee:

While not exactly ‘low key’ CM Punk and AJ Lee are one of those couples not everyone is aware of.

The two of them have been together for a while now and were married in 2013. Their marriage was commemorated in a completely insensitive manner by WWE.

On their marriage day, CM Punk received communication from the WWE letting him know that he had been released from the company. Punk had been actively working on getting back on his feet while recovering from his injury, and to say that the letter on his marriage day came as a shock would not be a lie.

AJ Lee would continue to work for the company a while longer before she too left the company.

Since then Lee has become a best-selling author, while Punk is pursuing a career in Mixed Martial Arts and Acting.

The couple is together, and while they don’t post too many pictures together, the few times they are visible, it is obvious they are very much in love.

8. Alexa Bliss and Buddy Murphy:

Buddy Murphy is one of those superstars whose talents were overlooked for the longest time. In recent times, Murphy has established himself as a real threat to every other superstar in the Cruiserweight division. His abilities have been beyond question, and he was able to finally prove each of his critics wrong via his excellent performance in the 205 Live division.

He recently won the WWE Cruiserweight Championship which has helped him in huge ways to further add to his already impressive reputation.

He is dating none other than the Goddess of WWE, the one and only Alexa Bliss. Loved by all her fans, Bliss has established herself as a pillar of the women’s division and has been one of the major heels ever since she first arrived on the main roster during the division of the brands.

While in kayfabe Braun Strowman and Alexa Bliss have something going on between them, Strowman and Bliss are nothing more than friends in real life. On the other hand, Bliss is actually dating Murphy. The two keep their relationship on the down low, with only the most dedicated wrestling fans knowing about them.

7. Bianca Belair and Montez Ford:

Bianca Belair and Montez Ford are both stalwart figures of the NXT division. They have successfully made their careers in NXT and soon enough both are sure to enter the main roster after some development.

Belair has proved herself to be one of the top women on the current NXT roster and her new attitude has helped her pick up even more fans than she had before. The rougher more ruthless approach she has developed has seen her succeed on a regular basis.

On the other hand, Montez Ford has proved his capability while part of a tag team. He has teamed up with Angelo Dawkins, with whom he established excellent in-ring chemistry and called themselves The Street Profits.

Starting lower down, they established themselves in the NXT Tag Team Division, thereby making their way up the ladder ever so slowly until they were able to make enough of an impact as they had wanted.

They challenged for the Tag Team Titles recently against the Undisputed Era but were unsuccessful.

Ford may not have won the title, but he has had an extremely satisfactory 2018 so far, as he married his fiance, Bianca Belair on the 23rd of June.

Other than sharing a few wedding photos the two of them prefer to maintain privacy in their relationship.

6. Brock Lesnar and Sable:

Brock Lesnar and Sable is the unique love story that no one saw coming. While Lesnar’s hype train was only beginning in the early 2004’s, Sable’s time in WWE was at an end.

Sable had been the face of the Attitude Era for the women’s division, while Lesnar was very much the next big thing in the company.

The two of them met and entered a relationship back in 2004, but when things did not work out they ended up splitting up after being engaged to be married in 2005. For anyone else, this would have been the end of the story of their relationship.

But the two got back together and ended up getting married in 2006 instead.

Now the two have two sons and stay in Minnesota, something that you will never hear Brock Lesnar talk about on the few occasions that he even speaks.

5. Mandy Rose and Otis Dozovic:

Mandy Rose may have big things waiting for her in WWE. It appears that the company is gearing her up for a big push up the roster, but as of yet, it is not clear.

She arrived onto the scene as part of Paige’s group in Absolution with Sonya Deville. However, due to Paige’s injury, she was not able to get the initial push she wanted. While this may be rectified soon with a single’s run, there are still many things that could happen here.

While very few things are known or confirmed about her personal life outside her previous career as a fitness model, there’s one grain of truth that has come out.

During an interview with Lillian Garcia, Rose confirmed that she was dating NXT Superstar Tino Sabbatelli.

Sabbatelli was injured earlier in the year just as he was about to get his big singles push, but his dating life seems to be a healthy one at least. 

4. Finn Balor and Cathy Kelley:

Finn Balor is one of the most popular men in the WWE as far as his women fans are concerned. His good friends, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows used to regularly make fun of his love life, calling him a genuine ladies’ man.

Now rumours have surfaced about his relationship status, with social media linking him to WWE Cathy Kelly. The two have been seen together regularly, be it in vacation destinations or out for games.

The two of them may be in a relationship at this point and have proved themselves to be silent about it on social media, hardly ever talking about it.

3. Bray Wyatt and Jojo:

Another couple who are hardly ever heard talking about their relationship status is none other than Bray Wyatt and Jojo.

Bray Wyatt has been termed by some to be the natural successor to the Undertaker with his ghostly theme creeping out any and all of his opponents. His apparent incoherent rambling and talk of a higher power saw him become one of the most popular stars in WWE. However, despite being able to achieve this, Wyatt is far from being one of the top stars. WWE’s pushes for him were few and far between and had him losing far too often for the fans to get behind him or against him.

Previously married and with two children from that marriage, Bray Wyatt is currently in a relationship with Jojo Offerman. Jojo is a WWE ring announcer and the daughter of the baseball player, Jose Offerman.

The two of them are quiet about their personal life, with neither being excessively active on social media.

2. Dean Ambrose and Renee Young:

Everyone’s favourite couple who hardly ever mention their relationship is Dean Ambrose and Renne Young.

One of the reasons that their relationship may be low key is due to the fact that Dean seems to be repulsed by the concept of Social Media. While he does have a twitter profile, he hardly ever tweets out anything to his fans.

On the other hand, Renee Young is extremely active, and regularly talks to fans and lets us know about the comings and goings inside the WWE, and all the latest gossip as well.

The two of them got married in 2016 in private, which WWE was not too happy about, as it meant that they missed out on a chance to cash in on the marriage on the Total Divas television show.

It is immensely cute to see the couple on the same show, with Renee having interviewed Dean on several occasions, and now commentates while Dean wrestles on Raw.

The two only go out in public rarely, both busy touring the world, and as a whole try to keep their relationship on the down-low.

1. Edge and Beth Phoenix:

Edge is a Hall of Famer and rightly so. His career in WWE is one which is beyond par. What he has achieved inside the ring cannot even be compared to anyone else. He has won so many titles and for the longest time even carried the main event scene of SmackDown practically by himself.

His achievements are severely underrated despite his being in the Hall of Fame. Edge had to retire due to an injury to his neck which could have crippled him had he continued to wrestle.

Beth Phoenix, on the other hand, proved to the world that someone did not have to fit the proportions assigned by society when it comes to physical attributes to achieve success in the WWE.

She won the Divas Championship once as well as the WWE Women’s Championship on three separate occasions.

Edge and Beth Phoenix got into a relationship and had two daughters, Lyric and Ruby. They married each other in 2016, and don’t usually talk about their marriage or showcase their private lives in public.

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