5 Changes Eric Bischoff Can Make To SmackDown

With Paul Heyman in charge of Raw and Eric Bischoff taking over on Smackdown Live, the WWE Universe has its fingers crossed in the hopes of getting better WWE programming. The changes on Raw have been a lot more obvious primarily because the red brand was an absolute disaster before Heyman stepped in. Still, the blue brand is far from perfect, so let’s check out 5 changes Eric Bischoff can make to Smackdown.

5. Reduce Shane McMahon’s airtime

Smackdown Live has always benefited from the fact that it is a 2-hour show. The blue brand has historically been a leaner and meaner show compared to Raw since the brand split (RIP). But the flip side of an hour less of programming is that the company has to carefully choose which Superstars to feature on a weekly basis. In a move that has defied all reason for months, Shane McMahon has become one of the most overexposed stars in the entire company. Not only is he taking up a ton of time on Raw, he does the same on Smackdown as well, bringing the show’s momentum to a grinding halt. One of the biggest and most welcome changes Eric Bischoff can make is to make the decision to take Shane McMahon off his brand and make him exclusive to Raw, so he becomes Paul Heyman’s problem.

4. Break up the New Day

This will probably be an unpopular opinion because New Day is the most beloved faction in the entire company, but ask yourself, what exactly have Xavier Woods and Big E been doing that needs them to stand by Kingston? They have had multiple tag-team championship reigns and there is just nothing more for them to accomplish as a team. Now breaking up the New Day doesn’t necessarily mean that anyone has to turn heel, the faction could just go its separate ways to win more single’s titles, but reuniting if it is facing a big threat. Xavier Woods and Big E are a couple of the most charismatic and talented Superstars in all of WWE and they should be in major championship contention as well, but that won’t happen as long as they are in Kofi’s shadow.

3. Start tinkering with the presentation

Raw and Smackdown Live feel painfully similar in terms of presentation, with the exception of the color of the ropes. With an upcoming move to Fox, Smackdown Live will obviously undergo considerable changes to make Fox happy, so why not start tinkering with the presentation now? WWE doesn’t need to become all soap operatic like Lucha Underground, but little things like changing the format of backstage segments would go a long way to allow Smackdown Live to re-establish its own identity. Remember when the blue brand was the ‘Land of Opportunity’? Whatever happened to that?

2. Get Daniel Bryan out of the tag-team division

Daniel Bryan has spent the last couple of months in the tag-team division alongside Rowan. Sure, they are tag-team champions, but WWE has gone out of its way over the years to tell audiences that tag-team wrestling just isn’t a priority for Vince McMahon. Daniel Bryan is one of the greatest of all time, and even if his pairing with Rowan is meant to lengthen his career, he should be wrestling with the best of the best.

1. Pick a young star to push to the moon

It has become pretty obvious that Paul Heyman is a big fan of Ricochet. The One and Only has been booked wonderfully over the last couple of weeks and is working with WWE’s best, AJ Styles. There have been rumours circulating that Heyman is also a big fan of Braun Strowman, so maybe the Monster Among Men will finally get the main event push he deserves. Over on the blue brand, Kevin Owens has quickly become the hottest face in the company, and a returning Shinsuke Nakamura has been more vicious than ever. Bischoff should go a step further and direct his attentions towards a younger star and push them to the moon. Perhaps someone like Aleister Black? Black is one of the most magnetic and unique Superstars in the world and Bischoff can very easily build the entire brand around him if he so pleases.

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