5 Reasons Why The Fiend Bray Wyatt Could Become Universal Champion

Bray Wyatt’s Fiend is one of the most interesting character that we have seen in the WWE in recent years. This dark and maniacal version of Bray is something we have come to expect, but no one could have expected the sinister turn it has taken. Wyatt has made himself the hottest commodity in wrestling and everyone is talking about him. The expectations for the character have been set enormously high, but it doesn’t seem like Wyatt is about to fall. He has been working on this character for over a year and he took the time off to properly develop it. He is running this character relatively on his own, as this doesn’t seem to have a WWE Creative tag on it. Wyatt has gotten the approval to be a risky character, but none of it matters if he can’t live up to the enormous hype he has created for himself. Wyatt is set to have a match with Universal Champion Seth Rollins at Hell in a Cell, which could seal a surprisingly quick, yet dominant rise up the WWE card for Bray Wyatt. Let’s check out 5 Reasons Why The Fiend Could Become Universal Champion.

5. He cannot lose

When you create a new character, one of the basic responsibilities you have is to protect it. WWE has to protect the Wyatt character and sell him as a threat. We want to see the long-term pay off with this character, as winning a championship a few weeks into re-debuting is not the ideal pay off for the entire character. What he does with the championship is what everyone wants to watch. Wyatt can do anything he wants and the fans will buy it at this point.

A character that we have seen wrestle just once cannot be a character that loses after his very first win. He needs to create a long streak of victories. Even if that applies to every wrestler ever, it is more so important with The Fiend. The mystical powers and the eerie nature of The Fiend should make him unbeatable. There just isn’t enough story around Bray Wyatt losing this match. If he does lose the fans may actually never forgive WWE. This could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

4. Rollins has been a bust

We should all call it the way that it is. Seth Rollins has been a bad champion. He evidently has all the talent in the world and just a few months ago, had the entire WWE Universe on his side as he took on Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship. However, everything started unraveling for the man after that win. He got into a bad feud with Baron Corbin which came to include Becky Lynch and Lacey Evans. He is behind Becky in terms of popularity right now and his twitter tirades have not endeared him to the fans either.

Wyatt is a far more interesting champion than Rollins. There is no exciting direction that WWE can go into with Rollins, but with Wyatt, all directions are interesting directions. The commodity is still so new and unfamiliar that people would be very interested to see what he achieves as champion. Whatever Wyatt does as champion will be more fascinating and intriguing than the basic feuds that Rollins has. Rollins can be a serviceable champ and better than quite a few that we have seen in recent times, but it’s Wyatt’s time to shine now.

3. WWE need a new and exciting creative direction

When did WWE become such a monotonous and dull place? For the last few years, we have had the same one-dimensional characters fighting for the same old reasons without much variation.

When we see a normal entity rise to championship status suddenly, it feels forced and unnatural. Nothing about how Wyatt’s character has been perceived as forced or unnatural. People longed for a character like this after WWE messed Finn Balor’s Demon King up. Now that we have gotten the heir apparent to The Undertaker, fans can feel better. WWE need a new creative direction and Wyatt is fit to lead that charge as champion.

2. A way for WWE to make up for Bray’s first WWE Championship reign

A fact that people can sometimes forget is that Bray Wyatt is a one-time WWE Champion. Like our previous complaints, Wyatt seemingly won the title out of nowhere from John Cena in an Elimination Chamber match which featured other wrestlers like The Miz and AJ Styles also. The championship had been won by Cena and then Wyatt would drop the title at WrestleMania 33 to Randy Orton.

This was a disastrous reign and extremely disrespectful to the hard-working Wyatt who had his crowning moment as champion essentially be a non-factor because the WWE wanted to repay Orton for having his skull caved in by Brock Lesnar. This is a way that they give Wyatt a do-over, as The Fiend wins his first world championship and presumably goes on an ungodly reign of terror over the entire WWE roster. Wyatt is one of the greatest minds in the business today and he deserves something better than just a 49-day WWE Championship reign.

1. We haven’t seen anything like him

The Wyatt you see doing the Firefly Fun House skits is not a different Wyatt, it’s still the man that is ‘the Fiend’, only difference is that he is smiling. The coded messages and the magnetic charm that Wyatt has is unparalleled and something we haven’t had in the WWE. This character can one day be as revolutionary as Stone Cold if the cards are played right. You have a franchise piece here WWE, you have your next Undertaker. All you have to do is not mess it up.

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