5 Title Changes For The 24/7 Championship

The 24/7 Championship seems to have had a relatively positive impact on current WWE programming and the morale of their talent. The title has had a good time with programming right now and is threatening to make WWE viral on a regular basis. On the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, WWE turned the chaos of this title up to 100 and we saw 5 TITLE CHANGES.

The night started with R-Truth as champion, who had pinned Drake Maverick at his wedding to win the title from his after he lost it last week on SmackDown when Maverick had dressed up as Carmella to fool Truth. Truth defended his title in an actual match against Maverick, but would have superstars constantly chase him for it. An hour after his match with Maverick was over, Truth and a bunch of superstars ran out to the ring before the start of a match between Heath Slater and Mojo Rawley. That is where the first title switch happened as Slater hit truth with a neck breaker and pinned him to become 24/7 Champion for the first time.

Slater would start running to avoid the other superstars from pinning him and taking the title away from him. While he was being chased, Slater would end up running right into a Lie Detector by R-Truth, giving Truth the title back and ending Slater’s reign moments after it began. However, as soon as Truth won the title, he lost it again as Cedric Alexander nailed him with a Lumbar Check and win his first title outside of his reign as Cruiserweight Champion. Even Alexander’s reign wasn’t going to last long, as EC3 attacked him from behind and cause the 4th change in the titles owner in one night. The tumultuous night was still yet to be over though. EC3 seemed to be safe and was going to walk out as Champion, but a distraction from Carmella allowed Truth to win the title for the third time in one night and be the one to leave as 24/7 Champion after all of this chaos.

R-Truth is now an 8-time 24/7 Champion and has had the longest reign with the belt, having held it for 34 days combined. The second longest reign came from Drake Maverick who held the championship for an entirety of two days before Truth dethroned him. No other champion has held the title for a full day. The list of former 24/7 Champions include Robert Roode, Jinder Mahal, Elias and Titus O’Neil. Elias and Mahal are the only other champions apart from Truth who can claim to be two-time champions.

Whether or not people look at this as hokey fun or cringe fun, the bottom line is that this title is fun. It’s creating some amazing moments and is getting WWE some viewership rewards. The segments where Truth pinned Mahal outside an aeroplane and the one where Truth crashed Mavericks wedding to win the belt have both enjoyed viral success, with Mahal’s video edging on 7 million views and the one against Maverick getting almost 5.

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