5 Ways WWE Has Ruined Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre should be a bona-fide main-event star in WWE, but instead he has spent the last few months being treated like a bit of an afterthought on the main roster. The Scottish Psychopath deserves so much better, but obviously WWE is blind. So, let’s check out 5 ways WWE has ruined Drew McIntyre.

5. He’s become Shane McMahon’s lackey

Shane McMahon’s overexposure on WWE television has been plaguing the company’s programming for months. Having a part-time wrestler (if you can even call him that) take up so much TV time on both main roster shows is an abomination, especially when you consider just how crowded WWE’s roster is to begin with. Initially, it seemed like having Elias and Drew McIntyre be his henchmen might be good for the young stars, as the exposure they would receive could do wonders for their careers. But that isn’t what has happened. Since the Scottish Psychopath’s association with McMahon first began, McIntyre has been systematically stripped off everything that made him one of the most exciting stars on the roster just six months ago. He has seen his time on the mic cut down and has been turned into a whipping boy for all of WWE’s top babyfaces. It is downright painful to look at, because literally anyone could have been in McIntyre’s role. He dresses up like any other generic henchmen too and it is just hard to see WWE squander his massive potential once more. The Scotsman should be competing for top honours in the company, instead he has spent being a well-trained dog, beckoning to Shane McMahon’s every call.

4. Ways more losses than wins

This ties in to the earlier point. WWE has struggled to make strong, believable heels for a long time, primarily because it is hesitant to let the bad guys actually pick up some momentum. Just take a look at what happened to The OC. After Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson lost the Raw tag-team championships to the makeshift pairing of Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman, the Monster Among Men took out all three men of the faction, single-handedly to close out Raw. If babyfaces don’t have real hurdles to overcome, audiences are not going to care about their story, just ask Daniel Bryan or Kofi Kingston. WWE’s problem with creating strong heels far exceeds its poor treatment of Drew McIntyre, who should be steamrolling competition, but is instead treated like he is just like any other guy on the roster, despite the fact that his main-event potential is so easy to see.

3. Lack of real feuds

When McIntyre first burst onto the scene on Raw, he was paired up with Dolph Ziggler. Everyone under the moon knew that it was only a matter of time before McIntyre turned on Ziggler and move on to bigger and better things. That is what happened, and McIntyre absolutely decimated the Showoff in the process as well. Then he got mixed up with Roman Reigns (more on that later) and then just floated around doing nothing for a while. At a time when WWE should have been pushing to build McIntyre’s momentum with strong feuds and big wins, he was running around getting beaten up and losing matches. Good feuds give fans a reason to care about wrestlers. Other than the fact that he beats up the good guys, do fans really have a reason to boo McIntyre? Better yet, do fans really have a reason to care about him? The answer is no. if you are struggling to figure out why you should care about a wrestler, especially someone as talented as McIntyre, you can be sure that WWE has given them the short end of the stick. McIntyre should be feuding with guys like Seth Rollins or Braun Strowman, instead he’s just there, ready to get beaten up.

2. Failing to win big ones

A lack of proper feuds and a poor win-loss record would not have mattered as much if McIntyre actually had a few big wins to his name, but the Scottish Psychopath doesn’t even have that going for him. He has lost the two biggest matches of his career so far and that to in resounding fashion. He was thoroughly beaten by Roman Reigns at WrestleMania and failed to make it past the first round of the King of the Ring tournament after being beaten clean by the One and Only, Ricochet. There was absolutely no reason for McIntyre to lose either match, or even be put in that position in the first place, but here we are. Through his booking, WWE has told audiences around the world that Drew McIntyre just isn’t that big a threat. If he isn’t, then why should fans invest in him?

1. The Roman Reigns debacle

Roman Reigns’ return from leukemia in time for WrestleMania is one of the most heart-warming real-life stories to come out of WWE in a long time. Pretty much everyone knew that it would be a while before the Big Dog would be performing at a hundred percent, so a few lackluster single’s performances would have been forgiven by pretty much everyone. Instead of letting Reigns have a low-key ‘Mania, WWE thrust him into a high-profile match against Drew McIntyre. Neither man could afford the loss, but Reigns is the one who ended up going over. Not only did McIntyre lose decisively, the match itself was a bit of a drag. His downfall began at ‘Mania, and he has been in a downward spiral ever since. It isn’t that McIntyre absolutely had to win the match, even a strong showing would have sent his stock soaring. A strong performance against the Big Dog is enough for people to sit up and take notice, Buddy Murphy would agree. But the nature of his loss proved that WWE didn’t know how to deal with McIntyre’s character and nothing that has happened in the months since has proven otherwise.

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