AEW All Out Recap

In an amazing turnout by All Elite Wrestling, they put forth their best pay-per-view yet at AEW All Out. Even though the PPV went overly long at 5 hours, there were only one or two matches that did not do justice to the pay-per-view.

We are going to take a look here at the entire pay-per-view and talk about what happened. (Click here to watch the video)

Casino Battle Royale:

The first match was the AEW Women’s Casino Battle Royale. The women battled in this match to determine one half of the women who would challenge for the first-ever AEW Women’s Championship. The match saw appearances by several surprising stars, including Tennille Dashwood aka Emma, Jazz, and Mercedes Martinez. However, in the end it was Nyla Rose standing tall after eliminating everyone else from the match. – C+

Private Party vs Jack Evans and Angelico

This match was more about setting up the Private Party in the eyes of the AEW faithful. They exhibited fun and quick offence and were able to defeat Angelico and Jack Evans.

The only consequence we saw was that Angelico and Jack Evans confirmed their heel status when they attacked Private Party from behind once the match was over. – C 

SCU vs Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy, and Marko Stunt

In what was the opening match of the main show, it was confirmed that AEW has big plans for SoCal Uncensored. They defeated the massively over team of Luchasaurus, Marko Stunt, and Jungle Boy.

The match was a fun and fast one to start the show with, as it got the blood flowing of the crowd. Luchasaurus has retained his status as one of the top favourites on the card at the moment. However, what was significant was that SCU shook hands with them after the match, establishing themselves as faces heading into the TV debut. B-

Kenny Omega vs PAC

A match that came far sooner in the night than anyone had expected, Kenny Omega faced Pac. The two might have been battling for pride, given that Omega had been supposed to face Jon Moxley, but Pac showcased how dangerous a Superstar he could be if he was pushed enough.

He had a lot to prove, and prove it he did. Pac went on to battle down Omega, showing he knew every move that he could pull. Eventually, he finished Omega with a Brutalizer, leaving him unconscious.

Pac’s reason for winning is a question, but it could be that AEW does not want him to lose his first match. This also sets him up for other feuds, with Omega set to do battle with Jon Moxley when he returns. – A

Darby Allin vs Joey Janela vs Jimmy Havoc

This was unquestionable the most brutal and fun match of the night. All three men were looking to stand out. Each spot is worth mentioning, but we will talk about the ones that stood out.

Darby Allin taped Havoc to a chair, put thumbtacks in his mouth and taped it shut. Allin was dropped head first on the apron. He then took another headfirst Powerbomb through a table on the outside.

As if that was not enough, he dove through a Cracker Barrel onto steel steps as Jimmy Havoc avoided him at the right time.

Jimmy Havoc displayed his veteran instincts and he was the one to win this match. – A

The Dark Order vs Best Friends

Let’s be honest, somehow or other, The Dark Order is not working. They managed to defeat The Best Friends after an okay match, but it lacked the spark the rest of the pay-per-view had.

The only moment worth talking about was what happened after the match was finally over. The Dark Order were carrying away Chuck Taylor, when the lights went dark and Orange Cassidy came out of nowhere. He hit a Tope Suicida without taking his hands out of his pockets and went on to rescue Best Friends. – C-

Hikaru Shida vs Riho

This match showcased something really important. Although Hikaru Shida was the favourite going into this, it showed us exactly what AEW thinks of Riho.

The young Superstar showed her ability in ways we had never seen before. She used the little weight she had and landed all the right moves, before finally picking up the win with the help of the roll up.

She will be facing Nyla Rose to determine the first AEW Women’s Champion.

Riho is clearly receiving a huge push, and she could easily be the first-ever Women’s Champion in AEW.– B+

Cody vs Shawn Spears                

Possibly the best match of the night, Cody faced Shawn Spears. The two had MJF and Tully Blanchard at their sides respectively.

The standout performer from the match was Tully who showed increasingly impressive managerial abilities. His shenanigans such as handing Shawn Spears his own belt to hit Cody with, and riling up MJF to distract the referee so that Spear could take advantage were all the right moves.

The match saw Cody put over immensely, but not at the cost of Spears. Cody won, but Spears retained his credibility too. This was due to an interference. Having seen enough shenanigans, when referee Earl Hebner was distracted, a surprise appearance changed the match.

Arn Anderson made his way out to the ring and hit Spears with a Spinebuster to put him out of action. He then left and Cody picked up the pieces and was able to get the win.

MJF did not turn on Cody as had been expected in the beginning. – A+

The Young Bucks vs The Lucha Bros

The most exciting match of the night, this was the spotfest that AEW is known for. Both teams showcased their abilities in a match that has to be watched to be understood. There was not a single dull moment throughout, and The Young Bucks sunk to lows as they unmasked Pentagon at one point in the match.

In the end, the Lucha Bros won, retaining their AAA Tag Team Titles. However, LAX, i.e. Santana and Ortiz appeared wearing hoodies and masks and destroyed both teams. This was quite the message they sent. – A

Chris Jericho vs Hangman Page

This match was a psychological and spot-filled combination. Both men gave it their all and Jericho was in the best shape he has been in some time. An elbow busted him open and he was bleeding a lot throughout the match.

However, although Page was the favorite, Jericho took the Dead Eye and managed to kick out. However, when he hit the Judas Effect out of nowhere, Page would not kick out.

Jericho is the new AEW World Heavyweight Champion.

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