AEW Rumors You Need To Know Before TNT Debut

The greatest week in pro wrestling is upon us and as October 2nd approaches, let’s check out 5 AEW rumors you need to know.

5. Scalpers hurting AEW?

AEW Rumors You Need To Know Before TNT Debut

AEW is going to finally make its debut on TNT on October 2nd and the fans of pro wrestling are going absolutely berserk. Tickets to the show reportedly sold out in about 15 minutes, as fans scrambled to get their seats as soon as possible. So many people were logging on to buy tickets at the same time that Ticket Master servers are believed to have crashed multiple times in that quarter of an hour.

As it turns out, a number of tickets were bought my scalpers, who were hoping to make a profit closer to the day of the show, but things haven’t exactly turned out that way. Ticket Master is listing verified tickets for resale at their market value or even lower in some cases, which has thrown scalpers’ plans out the window. This essentially means that when AEW airs on TNT from the Capitol One Arena, there are probably going to be a few empty sits, and somewhere Vince McMahon will be smiling.

4. Move over PG programming

AEW Rumors You Need To Know Before TNT Debut

Ever since AEW first began, Cody Rhodes has been very vocal about the fact that the promotion will not have PG programming. All of its events have been TV-14 so far, as AEW aims to cater to more mature audiences and tell deeper, more sophisticated stories.

While that could be good for the product, AEW has also courted controversy after the unprotected steel chair shot to the head that left Cody bleeding profusely in the middle of the ring. Actions of that nature would never fly in PG programming, but AEW was quick to say that even if it is TV-14, such violent acts will largely be reserved for special events. Regardless, Cody has publicly stated that AEW on TNT is going to be TV-14, so expect cussing, brutal moves and maybe even some blood.

3. Not very Elite in the UK

AEW Tony Khan

If AEW has any hopes of actually competing with WWE, then it needs to get its shows running in other countries as well. There has been some speculation about AEW’s future in the UK, but things became a little clearer a few days ago. ITV announced that it would air All Elite Wrestling programming on its network.

This is great news, especially in light of the fact that it will air live in Canada as well. But UK has relegated AEW to an 8:15 am time-slot on a Sunday morning, which is weak to say the least. This basically means that the show would air some 4 days after it takes place in the US, and sometimes even after pay-per-views and that’s not elite, that’s average at best.

2. Moxley cometh

AEW Rumors You Need To Know Before TNT Debut

An ill-timed MRSA infection pulled Jon Moxley away from in-ring action and robbed fans of a dream match with Kenny Omega at All Out. Moxley has since recovered, but after images of his arm being heavily protected by an elbow brace surfaced, fans began speculating whether Moxley would actually be at AEW when it debuts on TNT. AEW put an end to all of that speculation on its Twitter account a couple of weeks ago and stated that Moxley would be present at the debut show. This is great news for both AEW and fans, because he’s a big draw for the promotion and fans love him.

1. All American Elite Wrestling?

Jack Swagger to All Elite?
AEW Rumors

AEW has promised fans a ton of surprises for its debut show on TNT. According to a report from Sports Illustrated a Jack Swagger appearance may be one of them. AEW rumors about the former WWE Superstar and World Champion is being kept hidden away from the eyes of the media for a big reveal at the show. Swagger has had a pretty successful MMA career and is 2-0, which with his wrestling pedigree makes him a great acquisition for AEW.

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