AEW Trying To Sign Former WWE Wrestler?

There appears to be a wrestler who has been overlooked recently. Davey Boy Smith Jr, a former WWE wrestler and member of the Hart Dynasty, has drawn attention from both Pro Wrestling Noah and AJPW recently. However, All Elite Wrestling is also trying to get him on board. However, what has been stopping them is the fact that he is signed with Major League Wrestling. While Jimmy Havoc and MJF are also signed with MLW their deals with them are expected to come to an end soon and they have appeared on AEW shows. Dave Meltzer explained the situation.

“I don’t think once AEW has television they’ll want to use guys under MLW contract, but I also think they’ll make whatever exception they have to for MJF. For MLW, having a guy on AEW shows that they are pushing is positive, to a point. If Smith is going to be in the MLW title picture, which is the case, he shouldn’t work AEW as just a guy, and that’s tough. Obviously, with MJF it’s not an issue.”

Dave Meltzer

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