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Arn Anderson Accuses WWE Of Burying Legend

Arn Anderson Accuses WWE Of Burying Legend

This week on Arn Anderson’s podcast, the man himself talked about Sting’s Wrestlemania 31 match against Triple H. He had harsh words for WWE and was particularly critical of the promotion’s treatment of The Icon.

“To just bury him on the commentary – if you go back and watch it and listen to it, they just buried him. I saw a tackle, dropdown and hiptoss and those type of spots to try to reset the audience, all it did was give the announcers – and I know this was fed to them, they just buried Sting. A minnow in a big pond, just total condescending ‘guy’s out of his element, this is WrestleMania now, you’re just a small minnow in a huge lake.’ Whatever all the commentary was exactly, it was meant to basically beat you over the head with ‘we won the war, we’re WWE we won the war. here’s your big star? Well, he ain’t a big star here tonight.’”

Arn Anderson

Anderson went on to say that he really wanted Sting to take on The Undertaker and questioned why The NWO came to defend him in the match, when Sting had spent most of his time feuding with the faction in WCW. Anderson was completely accurate with his assessment, as a number of fans criticized WWE for going out of its way to bury Sting during his WWE run.