AEW Baron corbin

Baron Corbin Calls Out AEW Fans

AEW has not had the best time since making their debut. After the success of Double or Nothing with the signing of Jon Moxley, they have not been able to emulate their success again.

With Moxley’s injury before their major show All Out, it took a big hit when it comes to the audience and the viewership. AEW has since gotten into several controversies, with Kenny Omega taking shots at NXT and the UK TV deal not being quite what was advertised. The show will not be run live, and will instead see AEW Dynamite air in the United Kingdom on Sunday 6th October. This meant that the UK audience would not be seeing the show at the same time as the US audience. There was a lot of criticism for the decision and saw Tony Khan make an announcement that it would stream on FiteTV for $4.99 a month, or $2.99 an episode.

This was also seen as a betrayal by the fans, and WWE’s Baron Corbin took a shot at the fans of AEW.

“The ones who criticize every detail are literally their target audience haha.”

Baron Corbin

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