Baron Corbin Calls Out Fans For Liking AEW

Baron Corbin has already taken a shot at AEW Champion Chris Jericho and All Elite in general after All Elite Wrestling. The shot came in answer to a fan who had commented about AEW being hypocritical in giving an older wrestler the Championship after complaining about WWE giving the spotlight to older wrestlers for so long.

“So… For all the [expletive] WWE gets about having older guys go over younger talent, Friendly reminder that the current AEW World Champ will be 49 in November. Now I like Jericho but keep that same energy.”

Baron Corbin responded to this.

“All of these smarks have hated and complained about everything we do. Now they are forced to love everything these guy do, even when it’s the exact same thing. It really shows how dumb they really are.”

Baron Corbin

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