Booker T vs. Cm Punk?

Booker T Wants A Match Against CM Punk

Booker T talked about a potential one-off comeback match. The Hall of Famer has been out of action for quite some time, although he has been an active part of panels and commentary.

Booker T wants a match against Punk and would want to face him.

“If CM Punk was to show up, he would be competition for me. So that means he’s gonna be a guy that I would call a rival. He could be taking food off my table.”

Booker T

“You know what, if CM Punk was to come back and wanted to get back in the ring, I would welcome CM Punk, you know, back, and I would (be) even more (than) welcome to challenge CM Punk for me to be his first match…”

Booker T

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