Botched Finish On RAW?

During this week’s episode of WWE RAW, there was a botch in one of the finishes of the matches. During the show, Elias was facing Ricochet. At one point, Ricochet tries to roll up Elias, and does so successfully. Unfortunately, Elias had his right shoulder up during the final count, something that was spotted, and again shown on repeat on the replay.

What made things worse, is the referee saw it but did nothing to rectify the situation.

Given that such things are never taken well by WWE management, fans were eager to learn how Vince McMahon reacted backstage. According to Meltzer, the moment was definitely not scripted and it was a botched finish. According to him, Vince McMahon told the commentators to highlight it so as to protect their credibility and make it seem more planned.

“I don’t know. I haven’t heard that (referee fine) but I did hear that; I went back and I checked – Is this an angle? The plan is to not to anything from it. Vince may insist on it later but it was, you know, the ref botched it. Elias botched it. Elias was supposed to keep his shoulders down. He just didn’t. I don’t know why and the ref counted to three, which he shouldn’t have and they called attention to it. That’s Vince’s idea, if something like that happens we call attention to it because remember they’ve done that before where you think, okay, this has got to lead to something, it must have been an angle and those weren’t angles either. That’s Vince’s mentality when there is botch like that in a finish, the announcers have to acknowledge it for the announcers’ credibility and they have to do slow motion.”

Dave Meltzer

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