Braun Strowman On His Weight Struggles

It appears that the Monster Among Men has been going through a lot of problems with his weight. Back when he was competing in the World’s Strongest Men tournament he weighed in at 418 pounds. He was miserable and could not even tie his own shoe. Now he is at 345 and he is far healthier and happier than before.

“I’m actually down in weight. When I competed in the World’s Strongest Man [2013] the heaviest I ever was at 418 pounds. I was miserable. My girlfriend at the time had to tie my shoes. I couldn’t bend over because I was so big, but God bless was I strong. I don’t miss being that big at all. Constantly wearing sweatpants and 5XL t-shirts that looked terrible, but I’m pretty happy where I’m sitting at right now. I am sitting at 345, 350, healthy and everything feels good.”

Braun Strowman

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