Bray Wyatt Returns And Attacks Finn Balor

The firefly fun house was one of the few highlights of Monday Night Raw and Tuesday Night SmackDown’s weekly television drag off late. However, there was a certain sense of doubt over whether this success would be enduring. Bray Wyatt was the mind behind the fun house and hasn’t wrestled on television for over a year. He’s been on TV with his firefly funhouse skit, but he never made any in-ring or even in-person appearances. After the days of the Fashion Police and Emmalina, it’s safe to say that some fans were worried about what will happen with Wyatt if he doesn’t make an appearance soon because there is precedent in the past which has seen hyped characters completely flame out even before they step foot inside the ring. This is due to a variety of factors, but primarily we see fan interest slowly fade away from the wrestlers new change if WWE is being slow about unveiling the character. Thankfully, Wyatt has avoided that fate. He finally made his debut on the latest episode of Raw and attacked Finn Balor. We are the Wrestling Hub and today we will be talking about Bray Wyatt’s Debut.

On the post-Extreme Rules episode of Raw, Finn Balor was taking on Samoa Joe. Joe had just lost an opportunity at Kofi Kingston’s WWE Championship and Finn Balor was off a loss to new Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura. This could have been a wonderful match, but was evidently made to set up the Wyatt entry. Joe won the match with a roll up but Balor put Joe away in a post match beatdown which is a very weird form of 50-50 booking. However, the lights started to slowly go off while Balor was celebrating. The arena was covered in darkness and then there was a little bit of light inside the ring. That light showed a limp Balor in the arms of the Fiend Bray Wyatt. Wyatt would put Balor away and disappear.

Wyatt is one of the most hyped main roster wrestlers right now. Never in his career before has he had this much momentum, not even when he was the leader of the Wyatt Family. He looks far more muscular than what he was last year and is definitely in a position to be a top star for the company. The only possible problem with this new gimmick change is that we need to hope that WWE sees Wyatt in the same way that we do. We have often wondered who will be the mythical and unbeatable replacement for the Undertaker, and we’re going back to the answer many people have had for a long time. Wyatt has the charisma to pull this gimmick off provided WWE doesn’t try to cut his legs out. He could feud with basically anyone right now and I would be super invested. Just don’t have him lose any matches or feud any time soon. Wyatt should be given the mega star treatment for at least the rest of 2019, so when someone actually does defeat him, it’ll feel like a big deal.

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