Bray Wyatt Sending Hidden Messages?

Bray Wyatt made his presence felt on WWE RAW last night. While there was no episode of Firefly Fun House on the show, that did not mean that the Superstar did not show up at all.

Instead, he was present in the background when it was least expected. Mercy the Buzzard was spotted in the background during a segment with Kofi Kingston backstage. Abby the Witch was also spotted in the background when the Miz was making his way out for this week’s episode of Miz TV.

Bray Wyatt didn’t make his return on SmackDown this week , but his buddies from the Firefly Fun House made an appearance on SmackDown. Huskus The Pig Boy Showed up as Daniel Bryan walked by and Ramblin’ Rabbit was seen during a backstage segment. Check it out in the videos below!

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