Bray Wyatt’s Character Is Becoming More PG?

Bray Wyatt’s Fiend character is one of the most attractive things about WWE right now. However, Sportskeeda’s Tom Colohue is reporting that after his appearance on WWE SummerSlam, there were some children who found it difficult to deal with the intensity of the performance that Wyatt put on. As a result, WWE is debating on how to tone down Wyatt’s performance for the children, while also maintaining the vibe that has made him popular at the moment.

“They want a happy medium. This is something special but it needs to be special without scaring half the audience away.”

Tom Colohue

Instead of toning down the character at large, WWE wants him to maintain his character as it is right now. One of the suggestions was keeping Wyatt off television as much as possible, making him a special attraction for the larger portion of the WWE audience.

“Bray should have been on TV to follow up after SummerSlam but there was an argument over what Bray should appear…changes might need to be made to get a character everyone is happy with.”

Tom Colohue

Another suggestion at the moment is that his appearance is saved for the later half of the pay-per-view. Usually, those hours of the pay-per-view are not always viewed by children, and as a result, WWE will have a free hand to work on the Fiend’s character as much as they want.

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