Bret Hart Talks About Being Assaulted At WWE Hall Of Fame

Bret Hart recently talked about the assault he suffered at the WWE Hall of Fame. While he was naturally not happy at the way things had played out, he was understanding and forgiving.

“It was a bad day for that guy. I feel bad that it happened. It was a stupid thing to do. I know something happened to Arnold Schwarzenegger a few weeks ago. I hope it doesn’t become something that people think is funny to do all the time because at the same time you take that incident that happened in New York at WrestleMania – it could be like John Lennon. He didn’t think anyone would shoot him in the back walking into his house. So you can’t take anything for granted. Wrestling fans are very passionate. They get caught up in the storylines and all the things that go into wrestling and all that’s good but I wouldn’t recommend attacking wrestlers at Hall of Fames.”

Bret Hart

Bret Hart also had some theories as to why he had been attacked by the fan. He said that he had heard theories that the man had been a fan of Vince McMahon and due to Hart’s enmity with Vince attacked him. He said that there was also a possibility that the fan wanted to hurt Vince and since he could not attack him, he attacked Hart instead.

“I heard various theories and things that were put forward. I heard he was a devoted fan of Vince’s that he loved Vince McMahon and I’ve heard the other way around that he wanted to do harm to Vince and by doing harm to me was doing harm to Vince.”

Bret Hart

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