Brian Cage Reportedly Signs With AEW

Brian Cage Reportedly Signs With AEW

Brian Cage Reportedly Signs With AEW

Brian Cage has been one of the biggest stars in the world of Impact Wrestling for quite a few years now. Ever since Lucha Underground died out, he has been the major focus of Impact Wrestling and there he was able to win the Impact World Championship and the X-Division Championship.

It appears that he has fallen out of favor in the company, however, as he lost the title to Sami Callihan and was left without any sort of target.

He was supposed to be facing Rob Van Dam in a singles match, however, the match never took place, with RVD jumping him and taking him out before the match could even start.

When he was taken to the back it was then revealed that he had actually left Impact Wrestling and had in fact signed a multi-year deal with All Elite Wrestling. The story was broken by

Brian Cage Reportedly Signs With AEW

However, the legitimacy of this story has since been called into question as Melissa Santos took to Twitter to say that this was not true at all. She said that as his wife, she could confirm that he was yet to sign on the dotted line.

It is noteworthy that she did not deny the fact that Cage had left Impact Wrestling and what arises from here is that he is only left to sign a contract that will see him go to AEW.

With that being said, there are rumors that Impact Wrestling was unhappy with Cage and thus did not give him the final match in the promotion where he could bid farewell to the fans.

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