Brock Lesnar Attacked Mysterio Due To UFC Fighter

Brock Lesnar Attacked Mysterio Due To UFC Fighter

The show started with Brock Lesnar attacking Rey Mysterio. He then went one step forward and attacked Dominick as well. After attacking Mysterio’s son, he would leave both wrestlers decimated in the middle of the ring.

Paul Heyman issued a statement about the attack as Brock Lesnar did not reveal his motive behind the assault. Heyman said that it was the WWE authority’s fault as Lesnar was in ‘fight mode’.

He went on to say that no one could do anything about Lesnar and that the WWE Universe will have a new Champion after he beats Kofi Kingston on Friday.

However, Dave Meltzer talked about the real reason that Brock attacked Rey Mysterio, and it appears it’s to set up a future meeting with Cain Velasquez, who is currently wrestling in AAA.

“Okay, so that Promo, he’s (Paul Heyman) talking about tough guys and he mentioned mixed martial arts and real fighters and nobody can touch him (Brock Lesnar), that was a promo for Cain. In fact, I think that the whole segment with Rey and everything, it’s like you beat up the Mexican and the Mexican superhero badass comes in. That’s kind of what the idea was behind everything but Cain is not signed either. So, they have an idea, obviously, it’s Brock and Cain and this stuff was in that direction. It may end up not happening but that’s the destination in theory that this is headed towards.”

Dave Meltzer

We previously reported that WWE is competing with AEW to sign former UFC Champion Cain Velasquez.

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