Brock Lesnar Beats Up The Mysterio's, WWE Reactions

Brock Lesnar Beat Up The Mysterio’s, WWE Reactions

The show opened with Rey Mysterio heading to the ring in street clothes, presumably to cut a promo before his big match later in the evening against universal Champion Seth Rollins. Rey’s son Dominik is in the crowd and watching his father.

As Mysterio gets the mic in the ring, The beast Brock Lesnar surprisingly makes his way down to the ring. Lesnar snatches the mic from Rey, but Rey snatched it back. What ensued was a brutal beatdown which saw Brock Lesnar beat Mysterio into living death, go out and drag his son in the ring and beat him up too.

The father and son duo were chewed up and spat out by The Beast who gleefully looked at his handiwork. Dominick was taken to the hospital during Raw and Mysterio left with him. Mysterio was distraught and was even seen taking his mask off during the segment.

This was one hell of an opening for the show, as Lesnar added the sense of unpredictability. Rusev would go on to replace Mysterio in the main event.

Dominick was taken to the hospital during Raw and Mysterio left with him.

It wouldn’t be surprising if Mysterio’s story arc eventually sees his son turn on him for Mysterio’s final career feud.

Let’s check out how former and current WWE Superstars and staff reacted to Brock Lesnar beating up Rey Mysterio and his son.

Brock Lesnar beat Rey’s son
Former WWE Superstar Summer Rae commented on Lesnar

Let us know what you thought of the beat down. And do you want to see segments like this more often from Brock Lesnar? Also, check out WWE Superstars reactions for Lana kissing Bobby Lashley in front of Rusev in the main event of RAW by clicking here!

6 thoughts on “Brock Lesnar Beat Up The Mysterio’s, WWE Reactions

  1. A wrestler should never put there hands on the audience ,when they do then that becomes a criminal act and should be arrested by police

  2. brock lesnar should be fired from wwe, he should be fined $10,000,000. he should be restricted from wrestling inn wwe or any other wrestling matchs for life and dominik should sue brock for attaching him because he was just a spectator

  3. Who ever wrote this into the WWE script should be fired, fined, and imprisoned. I know this is a scripted show to some degree. But, the heinous attack on a spectator, a teenager, by a full grown man? Isn’t America tired of seeing their children abused, mistreated, and now bludgeoned? WWE, in this day and age this was just too much. I believe this should get the whole thing shut down. I hope it does.

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