Brock Lesnar Gets Called Out By UFC Fighter

A UFC fighter has challenged Brock Lesnar to a fight. Jorge Masvidal, notorious for knocking out both Darren Till and Ben Askren in immense wins, has not issued a challenge to Brock Lesnar.

Masvidal has been in the headlines since UFC 239, where he hit the undefeated Ben Askren with a flying knee to the head, knocking him out in 5 seconds, a record in UFC, and handing Ben Askren his first loss.

He noticed that Paul Heyman followed him, and he issued his challenge to Lesnar.

“@HeymanHustle now that you followed me tell Brock I’m coming for him. Can’t skip people in line @WholeFoods and get away with it. Set it up.”

Jorge Masvidal

Heyman replied to him. He did not take the bait and simply expressed his admiration for Masvidal.

“Thanks for reaching out. Great admirer of your fighting, equally as big an admirer of your ability to sell your fights via your personality and ability to translate that personality through your speaking and general demeanor.”

Paul Heyman

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