Cain Velasquez Attacks Lesnar: UFC World Reacts

Cain Velasquez Attacks Lesnar: UFC World Reacts

Cain made a surprise debut on SmackDown alongside Rey Mysterio after Brock Lesnar had defeated Kofi Kingston in dominant fashion to become a 5-time WWE Champion.

Cain stormed the ring and hit Lesnar with a double leg takedown and followed it up with ground and pound with ugly looking punches. In a show that even featured boxing sensation Tyson Fury, Cain was the man from the legitimate world of sports that made the biggest impact. Velasquez achieved something many people haven’t and that is sending Brock Lesnar retreating backstage.

UFC World Reacts: Cain Velasquez attacks Lesnar

Cain Velasquez Attacks Lesnar: UFC World Reacts
Cain Velasquez here for Brock Lesnar: SmackDown Exclusive, Oct. 4, 2019

History of Velasquez and Lesnar

Cain and Lesnar have history that most wrestling fans may not be aware of. Cain Velasquez held the record for most consecutive Heavyweight Championship defences in UFC history. This record only started after he became champion. The man he beat to become champion? Brock Lesnar.

Lesnar was recovering from a stint of diverticulitis and had one successful defence under his belt when he faced off against Cain. Cain would lose the title on his first defence against Junior Dos Santos on the aforementioned UFC debut on Fox, but would win the title back and get two consecutive title defences, a feat never achieved before in the Heavyweight Division.

Lesnar and Cain have good history against each other, as Cain beat Lesnar up pretty badly. Everyone wanted to see what a full strength Lesnar could have done against Cain, but after a loss to Dutch kickboxer Alistair Overeem, Lesnar retired from MMA and returned to the WWE.

Lesnar’s return to MMA saw him dope and beat Mark Hunt, a fight which was overturned to a No Contest. Cain’s last outing in MMA was a loss to Francis Ngannou in under a minute. With Cain withdrawing from USADA drug testing, which is mandatory for MMA fighters if they want to continue fighting, it is imminent that Cain signs a contract with the WWE and we see the rematch we were robbed off, albeit inside the realm of professional wrestling instead of MMA.

Cain Velasquez attacks Lesnar

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