Cedric Alexander Destined For A Push?

A few weeks ago on Raw, Cedric Alexander was revealed as a surprise tag team member to a very mild crowd reaction. This must have caught a lot of people off guard considering how Alexander’s popularity was boosted after his amazing run with the Cruiserweight Championship. Despite the poor crowd reaction, WWE have stuck with Alexander in his role and now he seems like he’s destined for a push. Being paired up with Reigns in an electric brawl to close out the show, Alexander reconnected with the fans with his supreme talent.

Raw ended in a chaotic brawl featuring Gallows and Anderson, The Usos, Alexander, Samoa Joe, Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns. The baby face quartet of Usos, Alexander and Reigns stood tall to end the show, with Alexander being given the opportunity to shine with his offence. His high flying offence endears him to the crowd and it was super effective today. Allowing Alexander to make this impact will help him in the long run and if his push is sustained, we could have a star on our hands.

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