Andrade and Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair Blasts WWE Wrestler

Charlotte and Andrade are currently in a relationship, but some people have not taken too well to that. Kalisto responded to a recent tweet by Andrade, saying that the only reason he was getting regular work was because of his association with Charlotte Flair. Flair did not take too kindly too this, and defended Andrade by telling him that there was a reason Kalisto was wearing a mask and Andrade was not. Before Kalisto had tweeted at Andrade, Andrade had replied to a tweet by Kalisto on congratulating Rey Mysterio, calling him a ‘barber’ and telling him to congratulate Andrade for almost making Mysterio retire.

“A** Kisser!!! congratulate me that I almost make him retire !! One question are you still in #WWE”


“Do not Cry  .. you only have work because you walk with a Flair”


“It’s not because of me; it’s because he’s pretty. They keep a mask on you for a reason.”

Charlotte Flair

Some fans tweeted at Charlotte saying that she was too harsh, but Charlotte replied saying that you can say stuff about her but not her man.

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