Chris Jericho Wanted To Team With Swagger In WWE

Chris Jericho revealed Jake Hager aka Jack Swagger to the world, as he talked about him on AEW Dynamite this Wednesday. However, Bryan Alvarez has revealed that the Inner Circle’s Hager, was someone that Jericho had plans for almost a decade ago, when he first came to WWE. It appears at the time, Jericho wanted Swagger as a bodyguard like figure, but Vince McMahon turned it down. Swagger’s WWE run was never popular, and despite winning titles and getting the ‘We the People’ gimmick over, he was not quite successful.

Chris Jericho Wanted To Team With Swagger In WWE

“Apparently, like a decade ago, Jericho wanted Jack Swagger to be his bodyguard. And he presented it to Vince and he just said no. And so, 10 years later, he’s finally got the opportunity and he doesn’t want….this must be the Bellator Jake Hager…this cannot be WWE Jack Swagger. But he apparently feels that he can get this guy over”

Bryan Alvarez

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