CM Punk Interested In Wrestling For WWE?

If there is anyone who broke through to become one of the biggest controversial superstars in WWE history, it was CM Punk. Punk was at his peak in the early 2010s when the superstar got an opportunity to become WWE’s top guy.

Punk had mic skills no one could touch, and even legends like John Cena and Triple H couldn’t match up to him on the mic. His wrestling abilities were also superior, making him the “Best in the World” for many reasons.

Punk hasn’t wrestled in years, but that hasn’t stopped fans from hoping he would return. According to Dave Meltzer, WWE thinks Punk may be interested in wrestling for them.

“There’s definitely people in WWE who know the situation who believe that he wants to wrestle there because he thinks that there’s — and I heard that even before WWE. I heard that ever since Starrcast from you know just the idea is that his goal is that he figures with the amount of money that right now is in WWE that he can get a great, great money deal.”

Dave Meltzer (Quote via Ringside News)

If Punk does return to wrestling, do you want to see him in WWE or AEW?

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