CM Punk WWE Backstage

CM Punk Returning To WWE For Show On FS1?

It appears that WWE thinks that CM Punk wants to return to the company. He was at FOX Studios earlier to talk about a backstage role in the upcoming FS1 show.

“The impression from WWE is that they believe he wants back in but right now it’s nothing they are counting on doing.”

Dave Meltzer

CM Punk is likely to get the “WWE Backstage” position according to Dave Meltzer.

“I guess it went well because the feeling is that he’ll probably get an offer which makes everything really weird. Because CM Punk on that show it kinda doesn’t make sense in a lot of ways. I can’t imagine WWE would want it, I mean I’m sure they wouldn’t, but would they go as far as trying to fight with Fox about this and then Fox is trying to figure out the weirdness of WWE or would they kinda let it go?”

Dave Meltzer

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