Daniel Bryan Hints At Retiring Soon

Daniel Bryan was recently a guest on the Bellas’ Podcast, a podcast hosted by his wife Brie and her sister Nikki Bella. During a Q&A, he revealed that he plans on retiring from full-time wrestling “sooner rather than later”. This isn’t a reaction to possible health issues, like the ones that pushed him into retirement the first time, but it is to be a better parent to his daughter.

“My retirement from full-time wrestling which will be coming up sooner rather than later in the next couple of years, that probably won’t mean retirement for [Brie Bella] for how busy you are,” he said. “It will probably be me taking on more of the parental role, and so depending on jobs and that sort of thing, that’s been a nice switch in society that can happen.”

Daniel Bryan
Daniel Bryan Hints At Retiring Soon
Daniel Bryan with his family

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