Dolph Ziggler Responds To Goldberg Attacking Him In Las Vegas

While it was previously reported that Goldberg and Dolph Ziggler had a clash together, details of the reasons for the clash have now been released. Goldberg arrived at the Andiamo Italian Steakhouse in Las Vegas, Nevada. He had expected to find his friends from the MMA world, but what he had not expected was Dolph Ziggler. The two had faced each other at SummerSlam and they went at each other even here. Things got physical and they had to be restricted from attacking each other by others who were present there, with the video posted yesterday.

Matt Riddle has obviously reacted to the Goldberg and Ziggler video. Riddle has been extremely vocal about Goldberg and criticized the WWE Hall of Famer on social media for some time. The two even had a small confrontation where they had a conversation, but Riddle would have clearly been happier with something more. He retweeted the video and asked Goldberg why he had not tried this with him as he would have had a better story to tell the fans then.

Dolph Ziggler has also reacted to the incident on Twitter.

“Dipshit took a break from ruining wrestling to ruin my night off. I’m not interested. get a hobby or go fishing or something. Maybe you can do that without getting hurt. no other warning or comments on this, from me. Thanks”

Dolph Ziggler

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