Dolph Ziggler Used Words Banned By WWE When He Called Out Goldberg

During his SummerSlam, Dolph Ziggler was ready to make sure that his claim of being one of the best in the world was noted by everyone. However, he was utterly decimated by Goldberg, who not only managed to kick out of two Superkicks, he went and hit Ziggler with a Spear and a Jackhammer before pinning him.

With Ziggler begging Goldberg to come back, he would be hit with two more Spears after his match was over.

According to Wrestling Observer, during his promo, Ziggler used two words which are banned from WWE – professional wrestling.

“Ziggler came out ranting that he’s the best damn thing that has happened in pro wrestling, which by the way, is the second time this week he’s dropped the words ‘pro wrestling’ in a promo, so maybe they’ve listed the ban on that word or lifted it.”

Bryan Alvarez

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