Erick Rowan and Luke Harper Attack Roman Reigns And Daniel Bryan

The finish of the SmackDown came when Luke Harper and Erick Rowan attacked Daniel Bryan. Bryan was out delivering a promo about how he had not known about anything, and how he had been the one to give Erick Rowan a chance when he was floundering and how ungrateful Rowan was.

Rowan and Harper both attacked Bryan, using their numbers and size to decimate him. The assault lasted a few minutes, following which Roman Reigns came out to make the save. Rowan had already hit Bryan with an Iron Claw, and both Rowan and Harper turned their attention to Roman. Roman almost took out Rowan, but the numbers were too much for him.

Rowan and Harper destroyed the officials in the ring side area after ripping out the padding from the ground. After that, they were able to get Roman on his own. Rowan ripped out the barricade and hit Roman with it.

The two former Wyatt Family members then sent Daniel Bryan through the announcers table with a double chokeslam after completely decimating the ringside area.

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