Finn Balor Gets Married

Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch recently got engaged. Now, another WWE Superstar has a happy announcement to make regarding their personal life.

Finn Balor got married today to his wife, Veronica Rodriguez, an official of Fox Sports Mexico. The two revealed they were dating back in May during the Champions League Finals, where Balor interrupted a report of his wife in a possibly inebriated state.

Balor: “Uh, I think the big question is, on everyone’s lip is, have Finn Balor and Vero Rockstar [her social media handle] been actually dating for a long time? Is that true?”

Rodriguez: “Is that true? Yeah, for a long time actually.”

Balor: “So it doesn’t really matter who wins tonight in the Champions League, I think I’ve already won in life.”

The two got engaged over the Summer, and have now posted that they got married in the jungle on their Instagram account.

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