Goldberg & Edge Talk About Wrestling Another Match

Goldberg has talked about returning to the ring after SummerSlam. He mentioned that he would be cool with never returning to the ring again, however, if given the opportunity, he would consider it.

“I’d be content never stepping foot back in the ring again, but I don’t know. It’s not something I aspire to do, but it is something that… I don’t know, I have no idea, I really don’t. For me, it [returning to WWE] is giving me an opportunity to relive part of what I did for my family because they weren’t there [during his first WCW/WWE run]. I can be a cooler dad, providing my son with opportunities to go around and be in different cities and see his father go out and do some cool things, and have kids cheer me on, hopefully.”


Edge also gave an update on his in-ring career. He said that he felt he was okay to return to the ring and perform once again, but he was not sure if the WWE’s staff would allow him to make his return.

“To be perfectly honest, I think I could do a match tomorrow. I might be blown up but I’d be okay. It’s just from what I know with the WWE medical staff, they won’t allow. It is what it is, right?”


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