How WWE Kept Luke Harper’s Return Hidden & Where Is Daniel Bryan?

Luke Harper was one of the surprises at Clash of Champions. It appears that WWE kept him hidden and had a plan long ahead of his return to keep him away from others in WWE so that no one would know that he was returning.

He was hidden from the rest of the locker room until it was time for him to attack Reigns. The report also stated that Harper was seen backstage only after his appearance was over. It appears that Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns might be teaming up in the future to take on the team of Harper and Rowan.

According to a report by Dave Meltzer, it appears that the call to have Luke Harper return had been planned for a while, but not made until Friday.

“I know that he got the call and that came up on Friday. So it was not last-minute but it was late in the game. Obviously, Harper and Rowan are going to be a tag team against Roman Reigns, and I don’t know who the partner is. I mean could it be Daniel Bryan. I don’t know.”

Dave Meltzer

It appears that Daniel Bryan was not at Clash of Champions and it has been revealed that Bryan has been away for a while. His dog, Josie, passed away last month.

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