Huge Argument Between Undertaker & Goldberg

Following WWE Super ShowDown there was a meltdown backstage as the main event had not gone to plan at all. Both The Undertaker and Goldberg had put each other in danger with their moves and had come close to injuring each other. A source backstage has said that the two of them argued backstage criticizing each other for the match.

“Goldberg and The Undertaker got into a shouting match in Gorilla after their match, at Super ShowDown, well incident was described to me as a huge shouting match with each superstar accusing the other of being unsafe. WWE officials intervened and the incident was described as out of out of character for both men. Interestingly enough, and I haven’t been able to confirm this yet in full disclosure, but one source did tell me that they believe that The Undertaker flew home on Brock Lesnar’s private jet.”

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