Huge Spoiler For SmackDown?

Samoa Joe has been a heel for a long time, but for the first time it appears WWE is trying to book Joe more as a face than a heel. When the car left, it was Joe who kicked open the door that Reigns was trapped in and helped him to get out while calling for the medical personnel.

This displayed a side of Joe that has not been seen before and could be a hint that WWE is finally trying to turn Joe into a face for the first time during his run in WWE. Brad Shepard confirmed that we will see Joe turn on SmackDown.

“The Samoa Joe’s (including a random face turn) will finalize their SummerSlam match with Bryan and Rowan tonight on”

Brad Shepard

TalkSport’s Alex McCarthy said that at SummerSlam we won’t see Bryan vs. Reigns in singles match, but instead in a tag team match.

“I’m hearing it’s going to unravel tonight/coming days and the attackers will be revealed as Bryan & Rowan.That will set up Reigns AND Samoa Joe Vs Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan at #SummerSlam.”

Alex McCarthy

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