Hulk Hogan Wants One More Match In WWE

Hulk Hogan wants one last match. Hogan has apparently been pushing for a last match and has been vocal about it with Vince McMahon.

“Hogan is once again pushing Vince for one last match, saying he can’t live with the idea the final match of his career was in TNA. He’s pushing for a match at Mania next year in Tampa, since he’s from Tampa. He’s 66 years old and has had so many back surgeries that he’s lost count years ago.”

Dave Meltzer

Hogan confirmed the same in an interview.

“I talked to Vince, and I said I really don’t know if I could live with myself knowing my last match was with TNA. If I can get fixed, I pray I can have one more match. I told Vince, `When I get through this back surgery, I’m going to get in the best shape of my life and we’re going to talk about me having one last retirement match.”

Hulk Hogan

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