Injured WWE Wrestlers And Their Return Dates

Currently there are several Superstars on the injured list in WWE. Elias was recently added to the list after he had to miss SmackDown.

Samoa Joe and Carmella have recently been put out of action. Joe was competing on RAW this week, but now it has been confirmed that Samoa Joe has suffered an injury during his match with Baron Corbin and Ricochet. It is not at all clear what happened to him, but both him and Carmella have been added to the injured list with the ‘new injury return date’ section.

Jinder Mahal has been suffering from an injury ever since June 15th. He was injured during a match with Ali. Despite his patella tendon being ruptured, he is doing better than expected. His return was expected to take place in the beginning of 2020, but he could now be returning as fast as on the 1st of November.

Bobby Lashley went out of action after an Extreme Rules match against Braun Strowman. His return date has come forward as well, as initially he was supposed to return on the 1st of November, but now he could return as soon as 14th of October.

Tamina has been cleared following a concussion she had suffered. Meanwhile, Tomasso Ciampa could be back as soon as 11th September.

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