Is Lesnar Still Effective?

A question that many people must have asked themselves over the 5 years that Brock Lesnar has existed as this beast in professional wrestling is if he is still effective. We have seen him lose, we have seen him destroy to a point that it gets repetitive. But isn’t that repetition something Paul Heyman has been telling us anyway? Lesnar will eat sleep conquer and repeat, something he clearly has been doing for 5 years.

We question him still being effective because we have gotten to a point where it is obvious that Lesnar will do XYZ. However, that doesn’t change anyone from marking out when he makes a surprise appearance. The value of Lesnar has been protected not by WWE, but his own decision of not letting anyone water him down. He is just the beast he was when he returned from the UFC even today. He is still effective and if you disagree, his beat down of Seth Rollins on this Raw said more than anyone can say about his dominance and impact on Raw.

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