Is The Finn Balor Experiment Over?

Finn Balor’s renewed push at the start of 2019 must have deceived a lot of people. From jobbing to any upper mid card wrestler to single handedly defeating the likes of John Cena and Drew McIntyre to become number one contender to face Lesnar was a fun spike up the card. Even after the Lesnar match, Balor stayed strong and managed to overcome Bobby Lashley in a feud. However, has this renewed experiment taken its final breath.

Balor is reportedly working injured right now, so this may just be setting him up to be removed from TV, but the man has had quite the slide off late. Losing his title after doing nothing with it since Mania to Nakamura, who himself hadn’t wrestled in a while. Along with this, we could see him being beaten by Ziggler today, truly marking the death of his push. His Demon will most likely lose its first ever match to Bray Wyatt and take some time off. What a shame to see this man fall down the card like this.

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