Jack Swagger Headed To AEW

Jack Swagger Headed To All Elite Wrestling?

When Jack Swagger first signed with WWE, Vince must have surely seen him as the next Kurt Angle and an entertainer to cash on. This was evident from the fact that Swagger was pushed significantly in only his first few years where he became the World Heavyweight Champion.

However, the WWE Universe did not see him as such a great entertainer, and soon after he lost the championship, his value started to decrease. This led to him remaining in the mid-cards mostly, and never coming up to the same level again.

This slowly got to Swagger who was always hoping to remain among the top guys, and he asked for his release from the company executives in early 2017. While the company wasn’t so sure about letting a man they have built go so easily, Swagger went on and booked himself some independent dates. This eventually led to the WWE firing Swagger, and him finally getting what he wanted.

This put him among the men who left the company willingly, as he forced the WWE to fire him when they weren’t willing to releasing him.

Since leaving WWE, Swagger has wrestled in the indies and for Lucha Underground. He has even had two MMA matches for Bellator, which he won via submission (arm-triangle choke) both times.

Now it appears that Jack Swagger will be joining AEW. According to Sports Illustrated, AEW is saving Swagger for a surprise.

“A potential surprise for AEW’s premiere on TNT, Sports Illustrated has learned, is Jake Hager, better known from his WWE run as Jack Swagger. An ardent Trump supporter and legitimate big guy, Hager would fit in nicely as a villain for the promotion. He would also add depth to the card, and his work in Bellator MMA could have crossover appeal for AEW.”

Sports Illustrated

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  1. If wwe fire him no other alternative let him AEW to meat People like Chris Jericho, Dean Ambrose, Big Cass and others so long as he will be getting at something to earn his living

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