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Jim Ross Recalls Owen Hart Passing Away

Jim Ross Recalls Owen Hart Passing Away

Owen Hart tragically passed away at Over The Edge in 1999. During the Dark Side of the Ring’s finale episode, Jim Ross revealed the story of how he had to tell the WWE Universe that Owen Hart had passed away.

Ross was right there at ringside when the incident took place. The footage was never aired, so Kevin Dunn figured that someone told him that Hart passed away. Jim Ross was not aware of the extent of the damage due to the chaos surrounding him. He was in a very difficult situation when Dunn told Ross to break the news to the WWE Universe, when Ross had not really known the details himself. Ross admitted that what was seen was almost with no preparation and he really did not know what to say as he was hurt so much by the news.

“In the chaos Kevin Dunn, the Executive Producer, thought that I had been told what the deal was. I said, ‘Kevin, no one has told us anything. What is the update?’ And [Dunn] said, he’s dead. And you’re back in 10… 9…”

“On camera what people saw was 10 seconds of preparation. I didn’t know what to say and it wasn’t storyline. I got very numb after that night. My hands were shaking, my stomach was hurting. I was just… I was… damn, man.”