John Cena Retiring?

One of the rumors that have been doing the rounds lately is that John Cena might be retiring soon from WWE. However, John Cena has since spoken on the topic.

He brought it up when he was asked his opinion of the match between Goldberg and the Undertaker which took place at WWE Super ShowDown, and whether he felt that the time had come for them to retire. Cena told TMZ that the decision was up to the people concerned and that was the only thing to say about it. He revealed he had been having a conversation about retiring with himself regularly, and he knew that he would stop when he was ready to stop.

“I think an individual’s career is up to the individual. I think that’s pretty much the way I can describe that. I’ve been having the same conversation with myself. I’m only 42 but it’s something we’ve got to address each day. The individual is specific. When those people are ready to stop, they’ll stop.”

John Cena

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