Watch: Kane Cries Telling A Sad Story

Kane shared a heartbreaking story on WWE Untold about the time when a mother had run up to him to show a picture of him with her son, saying that that picture with Kane was the last one that she had ever been able to take of his son, as the son had been suffering from an illness. While talking about the story, the Big Red Machine burst into tears.

“A few years ago, I was going to a concert in Knoxville and I was out in the concession area, getting a soda for my wife and me. This lady comes running up to me with her daughter. She wanted to show me a picture on her phone. It was a picture of me and her son. I had made a visit to a children’s hospital recently and that was the picture. She told me that was the last picture she had ever taken of her son… and it was with me. And you know, she wanted to thank me for doing that.”


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