Kevin Owens Is Unstoppable

KO returned from a lengthy injury layoff right before WrestleMania season and was expected to be a top babyface for the brand. After plans got changed around, KO became a top heel, becoming the first challenge Kofi Kingston had to get over as champion. The constant flip flopping of KO’s allegiance has thankfully stopped and he is on fire as the truth telling babyface.

While his best friend Sami does the exact same and attacks the crowd too, KO has been playing into the crowds real frustrations with the WWE to generate heat for himself. This is working like a charm as KO probably got the loudest cheers today. His match against Drew McIntyre was an amazing effort which both men overperformed in. Things are looking up for KO, who is rapidly trying to unseat Kofi Kingston as the most over babyface on the SmackDown roster.

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