Kofi Kingston Is A True WWE Champion

Kofi Kingston has proven himself week after week as a deserving WWE Champion. You can see that fire to prove something to everyone still burning in him. Kofi May have been champion for over 4 months now, but he still has his doubters. Well, his performances every week since becoming champion have proven that there isn’t much to worry about. He is an elite performer who is helping the WWE Championship get through some of the worst times it has seen.

While ratings may be at an all time low, Kofi seems like the only protected commodity in the company right now. His sensational win against former WWE champion and current US Champion AJ Styles proved a heavy point tonight. Kofi is here for the long haul and we can safely assume that he will be triumphing over Randy Orton come SummerSlam. The man has cleaned out the division like no champion has done in a while and it is refreshing to see a champion booked like this, considering the amount of shenanigans that WWE orchestrates nowadays. Kofi’s ball of momentum isn’t slowing down, and thankfully WWE isn’t making it slow down either.

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