Kofi Kingston Squashed, WWE Wrestlers React

Kofi Kingston Squashed, WWE Wrestlers React

We saw Kofi Kingston rule over the entire SmackDown roster like an unbeatable champ. He beat top stars repeatedly and overcame the likes of Randy Orton and Samoa Joe, just to see Kofi Kingston squashed by Brock Lesnar.

Back when Kofi was just a tag team wrestler, he had a better and longer match with Lesnar at Beast in the East. Kofi Kingston made his entrance to the ring with 10 minutes of the broadcast left and had already lost his title before the clock ticked to 8 minutes being left on the broadcast.

Kofi Kingston Squashed: WWE Reactions

In those 2 minutes, there was also a round of introductions for both stars. This caused many fans to be outraged because of the manner Kingston lost in. Kofi Kingston squashed by Brock Lesnar, caused former and current WWE Superstars to react.

Kofi Kingston’s Future

Kofi Kingston Squashed, WWE Wrestlers React

Kofi and Lesnar’s story never had any fan connect and couldn’t have been the direction going forward. Along with that, Kofi beating Lesnar would never have been a viable outcome because WWE wouldn’t want Lesnar to have another big loss in the same calendar year where he lost to Seth Rollins twice.

Where does Kofi go from here? Well, going back to the tag division or competing for midcard titles will be a huge step back for Kofi, and one that doesn’t seem like will happen either. Maybe now is when they execute the big heel turn of one of the three New Day members that will break the stable and ideally, create a new monster in the WWE. Still pulling for a future with WWE Champion Big E. Wouldn’t be surprised to see the stable get drafted to Raw and have this soap opera story on the USA Network.

Kofi Kingston vs. Brock Lesnar: SmackDown, Oct. 4, 2019

3 thoughts on “Kofi Kingston Squashed, WWE Wrestlers React

  1. I never liked Kofi but come on he was having a nice little run the match should had been a little competitive just enough that it made sense to keep him as a main eventer


  3. It was bull crap, I am tired of Vince treating #BrokeLoser like some sort of god.
    At this point I will NOT watch anything that continues to step on workhorses and allows brock lesnar to make significantly more then wrestlers who actually work and care for the company.

    And I’m sorry can’t, lesnar hasn’t done crap for the company besides screw over people. He QUIT the WWE to go play football, he got CUT from the NFL, then went to UFC and ran when he got his @$$ kicked, but you know… he’s done so much🤦‍♂️

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