Lawsuit Between CM Punk & Colt Cabana Settled

Colt Cabana had sued his friend CM Punk over issues between the both of them, because Punk did not help Colt Cabana cover the expenses of the lawsuit that was brought against them by WWE.

It appears that Cabana’s Lawsuit has been settled as there was an update ‘DISMISS BY STIPULATION OR AGREEMENT’. Stein, Cabana’s lawyer, confirmed the update.

The two may have settled the lawsuit, but it doesn’t seem as if they will ever be friends again. CM Punk defended himself on Twitter and he explained his side of the situation.

Punk said that Cabana started the issues between them by suing him and refusing to talk to him. Punk later went onto say that he would have given Cabana the money if he had asked.

“Why’d he ask to settle then? I wanted it to go to trial! Play stupid games, win stupid prizes! Enjoy donating to the eventual “woe is me” go fund me account.”

CM Punk

“HE SUED ME. He wanted to end the dumb shit HE started? I asked to speak to him, he declined. I asked to enter mediation, he declined. I offered money, IT WASNT ENOUGH! I never wanted ANY of it. He’s as greedy as you are ignorant to who I am, and fooled by who he is.”

CM Punk

“I loved the guy. Would’ve done anything for him. And the irony is, if he just would’ve asked for the money, I’d have given it to him. Instead he tried to extort me.”

CM Punk

The former WWE Champion hasn’t been on WWE television since 2014, but there have been recent rumors of him returning to WWE. According to Dave Meltzer, Punk had a tryout for “WWE Backstage” and he is very likely to get a spot on the panel with Booker T and Renee Young.

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